Скачать учебник Oxford - Business Basics (New edition)

Скачать учебник Oxford — Business Basics (New edition)

Скачать учебник Oxford — Business Basics (New edition)

Business Basics — состоит из 12 тематически связанными уроками. Каждый урок поделен на 3 секции, каждый из которых представляет собой упражнения по грамматике или лексике бизнес английского языка. У студентов есть великолепная возможность практиковать свои знания в многозначительных уроках и заданиях. Курс состоит из 5 элементов: книги студента, книги преподавателя, рабочей книги и 2 аудиодисков. 

Год: 2001
Издательство: Oxford Univercity Press
Автор: David Grant and Robert McLarty
Формат: pdf
Архив содержит:
Student’s book
Audio CD
Скачать весь курс
Размер: 142 Mb.

Книга представляет собой упражнения по грамматике или лексике бизнес английского языка

Business Basics is a complete first course in English for business, providing a systematic and thorough coverage of basic language structures and skills, through the medium of interesting and relevant material. Business Basics is ideal for professionals already in business, and for students preparing to work in an international business environment. While the language level is kept low throughout, care has been taken to ensure that the material is relevant and credible. Real companies and business people are featured, and selective use is made of authentic texts.

Business Basics got its name because it can be used by students who have elementary knowledge of English. Much attention is paid to the study of proper English into submission so as to modern business. At the end of the main benefits given grammatical application, an indication of the role games, a glossary of terms business language texts and audio.

Скачать учебник Oxford — Business Basics (New edition)

Depending on the purpose and duration of the course instructor may change the order of the introduction of linguistic material or skip some sections. This flexibility allows the use of Business Basics virtually all educational institutions — schools, colleges and universities.

The New Edition has been extensively revised in line with feedback from users of the original Business Basics. The structural syllabus has a more gradual progression in the early units. Updated activities take into account developments in the business world, bringing the business content completely up to date, and new companies and business personalities provide a fresh context for the language work.

This Workbook follows the syllabus of the Student’s Book, providing consolidation and extension activities, and focusing particularly on reading and writing activities. An answer key is included.


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