Online English lessons. Class 9 – Дарсҳои забони англисӣ дар пахши мустақим. Дарси 9

Ежедневно на нашем сайте добавляется новости об изучении иностранных языков, о новых книгах, видео-уроки, репетиторы и т.д. Скачать учебники, самоучители, словари, программы английского языка. Изучение английский язык с помощью уроков

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Sport is probably as old as the humanity itself. It has been developing with the developing and growth of the mankind. All over the world people of different ages are very fond of sports and games. Sport not only helps people to become strong and to develop physically

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Magazine is one of the major mass media. Magazine is a collection of articles and stories. Usually magazines also contain illustrations. The earliest magazines developed from newspapers and booksellers catalogs. Such catalogs first appeared during the 1600’s in France

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