Online English lessons. Class 11 – Дарсҳои забони англисӣ дар пахши мустақим. Дарси 11

The Present Simple. My  family
New words

Name – ном, surname – насаб.  First name – ном.

My first name is ………and ………is my surname.

Машқҳои пеш аз матнӣ:

to want – хостан

to tell – нақл кардан, гуфтан

first of all –  пеш аз ҳама, қабл аз ҳама

nurse – ҳамшираи шафқат

a  lot (of) –  бисёр,зиёд

medicine – тиб

member – аъзо

turner – харрот

experienced – таҷрибанок

hobby – машғулияти (шуғли) дӯстдошта

soldier – аскар

to die – вафот кардан,  фавтидан

old – пир

elder – калонӣ

a large family – оилаи калон

a small family –  оилаи хурд

regiment – полк

to go shopping – харид кардан

to be ill – бемор будан

to be a full time (part time) student – дар шӯъбаи рӯзона(ғоибона) хондан

to be in the first year  – дар соли якуми хониш будан

to do sums –  масъалаҳоро ҳал кардан

to be in a good mood  – дар холати хуб будан

to be a live  –  дар қайди ҳаёт будан

to be born – таваллуд шудан, ба дунё омадан

kind  – мехрубон, раҳмдил

young – ҷавон

to be (10,20…) years old10 (20)сола будан

1.Ҷумлахоро ба охир расонед.
  1. Ann is a . . .   .   .   .   2. My brother is a .   .   .   .   .   .  3. I am a .   .   .    4. My mother is a .   .   .   .   .   .
2.Ҷои нуқтаҳоро пур кунед (in, to, about, of )
  1. I am . . .  . the first year.  2. He comes .  .  .  . home late.  3. Mother goes .  .  .  . the shop.   4. Tell me .  .  .  . you family.  5. He is a veteran .  .  .  . the Great Patriotic War.
3. Аз рӯи намуна пур кунед:

I go to my technical school every day.

He . . . . . to . . . . . technical school every day.

She . . . . . to . . . . . technical school every day.

We . . . . . to . . . . . technical school every day.

  1. Дар шакли инкорӣ нависед.

1.I want to tell you about my family.

2.My grandparents live with us.

3.She works at a hospital.

  1. Ҷонишини мувофиқро интихоб кунед ва нависед.

1.We help (she, her) with housework.

2.She combines (his, her) work with studies.

3.She speaks English to (I, me) and (I, me) speak English to (she, her).

     6.Савол гузоред.

1.My name is Peter Smirnov (What).

2.My mother works at a hospital (where).

3.She is seventeen (how old).

     7.Феълҳоро дар шакли лозима нависед.

1.He often (to sing) songs.

2.She (to be) a part time student.

3.My eyes (to be) grey.

4.Ann (to be) in a good mood.

  1. Ҷумлаҳоро ба забони англисӣ шифоқӣ тарҷума кунед.

1.Модари ман. 2. Падари ман. 3.Номи ман.

4.Машғулияти  дӯстдоштаи ман                                                                                                        

Матнро хонед ва тарҷума кунед.


I am Boboev Abdujabbor. Abdujabbor is my first name and Boboev is  my   surname. I want to tell you about my family. Our family is large. Mother, father, a sister, a brother and grandparents. My grandparents live with us.

First of all some words about my parents. My mother is а doctor. She works at a hospital. She likes her profession and reads a  lot of books on medicine. My father is a worker. He is a turner. He is a experienced worker. He reads a lot. His hobby is fishing. When he comes home without any fish  mother goes to the shop for fish.  He often sings and when we are at home and have some, free time I play the guitar and we sing together.

My grandpa is a veteran of the Great Patriotic War. He often tells us about the war and  the heroism of the soldiers of his regiment. My granny

is a pensioner. She is often ill and we help her with the housework. I go shopping and my sister helps about the house.

Ба саволҳои зерин ҷавоб нависед.
  1. What is your sister? 2. How old is she? 3. Is she a student.  4. What does your brother want to become?  5. Where does he study?  6. Are you a student? Are you  a full time student or a part time student?  8. Where do you study?  9. Are you always in a good mood and why?                              Аз рафиқатон талаб кунед ва пурсед:
  2. дар хона ёрдам додан”ро”; 2. ба харид рафтан”ро”; 3. китоби тиббиёт хондан”ро2;4.суруд хондан”ро” 5. гитара навохтан”ро;” 6. масаларо ҳал кардан”ро”.
  My relatives. Пайвандони ман
Калимаҳои  нав:
wifeзанto merryхонадор шуданan unkleтағо, амак
a husbandшавхарtwinsдугоникan auntхола, амма
a daughterдухтарa sonписарmummyмодар
a cousinамакбача, тағобача,

холабача, аммабача

nieceҷиян, духтари бародар (хохар)nephewҷиян, бародарзода, хохарзода
tailorлибосдуз, дузандаto poke ones nose  into somebody‘s businessба кори  хар кас аралаш шудан.for shortмухтасаран, ба таври ихтисор


radio – repairingтаъмири радиоfaultyнодуруст,


poor resultsнатиҷаи бадPetҳайвони дӯстдош таin spite of-бо вуҷуди…, қатъи назар аз,сарфи назар аз
to replaceҷо ба ҷо кардан, ҷой иваз карданgrandsonнабера писарgrand daugh terнабера


up to date (parts)замонави, муосир (қисм, ҷузъ).
Машқи грамматикӣ
1. Бо ёрии суффикс – er, -or исм созед ва тарҷума кунед.

to act  – амал кардан

to write  – навиштан

to read  – хондан

to speak  – гап задан

to direct  – машинаро идора кардан

to visit  – рафтан,боздид кардан,зиёрат кардан .

2. Тарҷума кунед:

Модар, падар, волидайн, бобо (падаркалон,модаркалон), набера, ҷиян, тағо(амак), холла(амма),  бачаҳо, бача, писар, духтар.

3. Синонимҳои калимаҳои матраҳшударо ёбед.

а) name, to like, modern, to be on friends.

  1. b) to be fond of; up to – date; to be on friendly terms; nickname. Антонимҳои вожахои додашударо ёбед.
  2. to work, old, to repair, large, great, always, question, to tell often.
  3. young, to rest, to break, small, seldom, never, answer, to ask.
 4. Хонед, тарҷума кунед ва нақл кунед.


My mother has six sisters. Her elder sister lives in Moscow. Her name is Maria. Aunt Maria is a teacher. Her husband is a technician. His name is Michael but we call him Uncle Mike for short. His hobby is radio repairing. He always has an old radio set to repair. He buys up – to – date parts and replaces those which are faulty. Surely after his modernization radio sets often don’t sound at all. But in spite of poor results in repairing all his nieces and nephews with great pleasure spend hours with their uncle.

My aunt and uncle have four children; three sons and a daughter. I am on friendly terms with cousins. My cousin Andrew is married. He is an electrician. His wife is a tailor. They have two children, they are twins. They are our pets. Their names are Helen and Victor, but their nicknames are Nosy and Inky, because Helen pokes her nose into other people’s business with questions.

Why? Where? When? What? Who? Wherever Victor sees an inkstand he tries to put his finger into it.

They don’t like their nicknames and Mummy often tells Victor to keep his fingers out of the inkstand and Helen not to poke her nose into other people’s business in order to become “Helen” and “Victor” again. Our grandparents often go to see their grandchildren.

My second cousin Nick lives in the country. He is technician at agricultural transport services. He is married too. His wife is a nurse in the kindergarden. In summer we go to the  country on our holidays and stay at Nicks.

5.Ба саволҳои зерин ҷавоб диҳед.
  1. What are the names of my aunt and uncle?
  2. What is the Uncle Mike?
  3. What is his hobby?
  4. How many children do they have?
  5. Is Andrew young?
  6. What are the nicknames of their children?
  7. Why Helen has the nickname “Nosy”?
  8. How do you render the world “Inky” into Tajik?
  9. Who lives in the country?
6.Дар бораи  “My family  ва “My relatives нақл кунед.







Лутфан аз таваҷҷӯҳатон сипосгузорем ва умедворем, ки дар ҷодаи омузиши забони англисӣ андаке бошад ҳам маводу дарсҳои сомонаамон ба Шумо мусоидат кард. Хонандаи мӯҳтарам, аз Шумо эҳтиромона хоҳиш мекунем, ки ин сахифаро бо дӯстони худ дар шабакаҳои иҷтимоии поёномада бо дӯстону пайвандони худ боҳам бинед (тугмачаҳои шабакаҳои иҷтимоиро “поделиться” кунед).

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