English in 20 Minutes a Day

В наше время вряд ли найдется человек, который станет оспаривать важность владения английским языком. Возможность получить хорошее образование, успешный карьерный рост и процветание – во всем знание языка будет Вам помогать.

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Medicines and Health

If your health is good, you are always in a good mood. You have a sound mind in a solid body, as an old Latin saying goes. The profession of a doctor is one of the most noble, respected and needed in the world, as we turn to a doctor for advice…

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50 Facts About Russians

A myth within a myth. Russians believe that Americans believe that bears walk the streets in Moscow, but this myth of a myth is a purely Russian invention. Americans actually believe all the bears in Russia are dead.

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Education in Russia

Ancient Rus was one of the early feudal states and held a leading place in the world history. The Slavonic written language came to Rus from Bulgaria in the 9th century. Towards the end of this century the replacement of religious books in Greek…

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Chemical Elements

The fact that a limited number of chemical elements compose all the materials people find on earth shows the importance of each of them. Some of the elements are very common on the earth, others are very rare.

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